About us

Who we are

Financial consultant in the field of the investment projects financing organization

  • Among the best financial advisors in Russia 
since 2015

  • Projects worth more than 150 billion rubles were funded

  • Authorized financial advisor, according to the criteria of banks and the state

  • FINIST IB is an independent Russian company that prepares, structures and organizes financing for investment projects implemented on the principles of project finance and public-private partnership, as well as transactions in the field of corporate finance

  • We ensure that the interests of the state, private investors and financing organizations are balanced in the infrastructure projects of various industries at the federal, regional and municipal levels

  • We conduct an expert review of financial models and investment documentation, prepared by other parties of the market, acting as an independent authorized financial advisor that meets the requirements of the state, development institutions and commercial banks

  • As part of the Russian infrastructure market, we ensure the interaction of investment ideas and capital, for implementation of investment projects.


Our Values

What we do

Our main aspirations and efforts are focused on achieving certain tangible benefits for the projects in which we participate. We are proud of the constructed roads, bridges, kindergartens, schools, boiler houses, neglected enterprises – everything what was created with the support of FINIST IB

When preparing and launching complex projects, one of the most important tasks is to be an effective assistant, professionally providing information and organizational support and interaction of all parties involved in the project - in order to find the best way to implement the project as soon as possible

Only a well-coordinated team of professionals with a deep understanding of sectoral mechanics and full vision of the project, motivated to succeed and capable to take responsible decisions at any level of tasks performed, is able to ensure the best results, despite stressful environments and often a very short notice.

How we do

As an advisor, we seek to choose the most direct and effective way to carry out the tasks of project launch and implementation - we honestly and openly defend our vision of the proper way, even if it does not correspond to the preliminary view of the customer

Only trust and confidence in the reliability and correctness of the solutions proposed by the consultant can ensure the coordinated work of the entire team of project participants. We hold dear our professional reputation, being attentive and correct to our clients and partners, strictly abide by the rules of the company’s code of ethics and the terms of the agreements reached

We painstakingly and carefully build the company’s corporate culture basing on mutual respect and support, the right of everyone to express their own opinion and common goals of continuous professional growth. We endeavor to create comfortable working and self-development conditions